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The metrics-proxy in run on every node running vespa. It aggregates metrics from all processes on the node, and across nodes:

Metric endpoints

The metrics-proxy normally listens on port 19092 - use vespa-model-inspect to validate.

See the metrics guide for the metrics interfaces hosted by the metrics proxy.

Metric-proxies intercommunicate to build a metric cache served on the internal applicationmetrics/v1/ API. This is replicated on the container on /metrics/v2/values for easy access to all metrics for an application.

The metrics-proxy is started by the config-sentinel and is not configurable. The metrics-proxy process looks like:

$ ps ax | grep admin/metrics/vespa-container

  703 ?        Sl     0:10 /usr/bin/java
  -cp /opt/vespa/lib/jars/jdisc_core-jar-with-dependencies.jar