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Feeding with Vespa CLI

Vespa CLI provides a high performance feed client through its feed command. The client feeds documents concurrently, with retries and dynamic throttling.

  • The input files for the feed command are expected to contain either a JSON array of feed operations, or one JSON operation per line (JSONL).

  • vespa feed uses the Document API, which must be enabled in the container before documents can be fed.


Feed documents from files or standard in:

$ vespa feed docs1.json docs2.json
$ cat docs.json | vespa feed -

Display a periodic summary (every 3 seconds) while feeding:

$ vespa feed --progress=3 docs.json

Print successful operations:

$ vespa feed --verbose docs.json

Copy documents from one cluster to another:

vespa visit --target http://localhost:8080 | vespa feed --target http://localhost:9090 -

See vespa help feed or man vespa-feed for complete usage.