Vespa quick start troubleshooting

Viewing the log

To view the system log, use the vespa-logfmt utility. This formats and filters the raw log. The log on admin server(s) includes log lines from all the Vespa nodes in your system.

For example

/opt/vespa/bin/vespa-logfmt -l warning,error
displays all errors and warnings.

If you run Docker you need to go inside the Docker container to run this, so do

docker exec -it [container-name] bash

Feeding or querying does not respond

If you encounter something like

INFO: Problem with Handshake localhost:8080 ssl=false: localhost:8080 failed to respond
when feeding, or No data when querying, it usually means the node is set up with insufficient memory + swap and is too busy swapping data to get anything done. If you are running Docker on your laptop, you need to increase memory for the container under Preferences - Advanced.