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Clustercontroller Metrics

cluster-controller.down.count Number of content nodes down node
cluster-controller.initializing.count Number of content nodes initializing node
cluster-controller.maintenance.count Number of content nodes in maintenance node
cluster-controller.retired.count Number of content nodes that are retired node
cluster-controller.stopping.count Number of content nodes currently stopping node
cluster-controller.up.count Number of content nodes up node
cluster-controller.cluster-state-change.count Number of nodes changing state node
cluster-controller.busy-tick-time-ms Time busy millisecond
cluster-controller.idle-tick-time-ms Time idle millisecond
cluster-controller.work-ms Time used for actual work millisecond
cluster-controller.is-master 1 if this cluster controller is currently the master, or 0 if not binary
cluster-controller.remote-task-queue.size Number of remote tasks queued operation
cluster-controller.node-event.count Number of node events operation
cluster-controller.resource_usage.nodes_above_limit The number of content nodes above resource limit, blocking feed node
cluster-controller.resource_usage.max_memory_utilization Current memory utilisation, per content node fraction
cluster-controller.resource_usage.max_disk_utilization Current disk space utilisation, per content node fraction
cluster-controller.resource_usage.memory_limit Disk space limit as a fraction of available disk space fraction
cluster-controller.resource_usage.disk_limit Memory space limit as a fraction of available memory fraction
reindexing.progress Re-indexing progress fraction