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Metric Units Reference

binary Zero or one. Zero typically indicate "false" while one indicate "true"
bucket A chunk of documents managed by a distributor service
byte A collection of 8 bits
byte/second A unit of storage capable of holding 8 bits
connection A link used for communication between a client and a server
deployment A deployment on hosted Vespa
document Vespa document, a collection of fields defined in a schema file
documentid A unique document identifier
dollar/hour Total current cost of the cluster in $/hr
failure Failures, typically for requests, operations or nodes
file Data file stored on the disk on a node
fraction A value in the range [0..1]. Higher values can occur for some metrics, but would indicate the value is outside of the allowed range.
generation Typically generation of configuration or application package
gigabyte One billion bytes
hit Document that meets the filtering/restriction criteria specified by a given query
hit/query Number of hits per query over a period of time
host Bare metal computer that contain nodes
instance Typically tenant or application
item Object or unit maintained in e.g. a queue
millisecond Millisecond, 1/1000 of a second
nanosecond Nanosecond, 1/1000.000.000 of a second
node (Virtual) computer that is part of a Vespa cluster
packet Collection of data transmitted over the network as a single unit
operation A clearly defined task
operation/second Number of operations per second
percentage A number expressed as a fraction of 100. Typically in the range [0..100].
query A request for matching, grouping and/or scoring documents stored in Vespa
query/second Number of queries per second.
record A collection of information, typically a set of key/value, e.g. stored in a transaction log
request A request sent from a client to a server
response A response from a server to a client, typically as a response to a request
restart A service or node restarts
routing rotation Routing rotation
score Relevance score for a document
second Time span of 1 second
seconds since epoch Seconds since Unix Epoch
session A set of operations taking place during one connection or as part of a higher level operation
task Piece of work executed by a server, e.g. to perform back-ground data maintenance
tenant Tenant that owns zero or more applications in a managed Vespa system
thread Computer thread for executing e.g. tasks, operations or queries
vcpu Virtual CPU
version Software or config version
wakeup Computer thread wake-ups for doing some work