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Configserver Metrics

configserver.requests Number of requests processed request
configserver.failedRequests Number of requests that failed request
configserver.latency Time to complete requests millisecond
configserver.cacheConfigElems Time to complete requests item
configserver.cacheChecksumElems Number of checksum elements in the cache item
configserver.hosts The number of nodes being served configuration from the config server cluster node
configserver.tenants The number of tenants being served configuration from the config server cluster instance
configserver.applications The number of applications being served configuration from the config server cluster instance
configserver.delayedResponses Number of delayed responses response
configserver.sessionChangeErrors Number of session change errors session
configserver.unknownHostRequests Config requests from unknown hosts request
configserver.newSessions New config sessions session
configserver.preparedSessions Prepared config sessions session
configserver.activeSessions Active config sessions session
configserver.inactiveSessions Inactive config sessions session
configserver.addedSessions Added config sessions session
configserver.removedSessions Removed config sessions session
configserver.rpcServerWorkQueueSize Number of elements in the RPC server work queue item
configserver.zkConnectionLost Number of ZooKeeper connections lost connection
configserver.zkReconnected Number of ZooKeeper reconnections connection
configserver.zkConnected Number of ZooKeeper nodes connected node
configserver.zkSuspended Number of ZooKeeper nodes suspended node
configserver.zkZNodes Number of ZooKeeper nodes present node
configserver.zkAvgLatency Average latency for ZooKeeper requests millisecond
configserver.zkMaxLatency Max latency for ZooKeeper requests millisecond
configserver.zkConnections Number of ZooKeeper connections connection
configserver.zkOutstandingRequests Number of ZooKeeper requests in flight request