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vespa destroy

vespa destroy

Remove a deployed Vespa application and its data


Remove a deployed Vespa application and its data.

This command removes the currently deployed application and permanently deletes its data.

When run interactively, the command will prompt for confirmation before removing the application. When run non-interactively, the command will refuse to remove the application unless the –force option is given.

This command can only be used to remove non-production deployments. See https://cloud.vespa.ai/en/deleting-applications for how to remove production deployments. This command can only be used for deployments to Vespa Cloud, for other systems destroy an application by cleaning up containers in use by the application, see e.g https://github.com/vespa-engine/sample-apps/tree/master/examples/operations/multinode-HA#clean-up-after-testing

vespa destroy [flags]


$ vespa destroy
$ vespa destroy -a mytenant.myapp.myinstance
$ vespa destroy --force


      --force   Disable confirmation (default false)
  -h, --help    help for destroy

Options inherited from parent commands

  -a, --application string   The application to use (cloud only)
  -C, --cluster string       The container cluster to use. This is only required for applications with multiple clusters
  -c, --color string         Whether to use colors in output. Must be "auto", "never", or "always" (default "auto")
  -i, --instance string      The instance of the application to use (cloud only)
  -q, --quiet                Print only errors
  -t, --target string        The target platform to use. Must be "local", "cloud", "hosted" or an URL (default "local")
  -z, --zone string          The zone to use. This defaults to a dev zone (cloud only)


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