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/prometheus/v1 API reference

The prometheus node metrics API is available on each node at the metrics proxy port, default http://host:19092/prometheus/v1/values.

This API has the same content as in /metrics/v1/values, in a format that can be scraped by Prometheus.

Refer to monitoring for an overview of nodes, services and metrics APIs.

HTTP requests

HTTP request prometheus/v1 operation Description

Node metrics


See monitoring for examples.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Description
consumer String

Specify response consumer, i.e. set of metrics. An unknown / empty value will return the default metric set. Built-in (note: case-sensitive):

  • default
  • Vespa

HTTP status codes

Non-exhaustive list of status codes:

Code Description
200 OK.

Response format

Responses are in Prometheus format, the values are the same as in /metrics/v1/values