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The Vespa Search API - Page result format

This document describes the page result format returned by Vespa. This result format is used when presentation.format is set to page. This format is usually used with page templates.

The tags of the format are described below. Subtags will be rendered in the order listed here. The format is open, all parsers must ignore tags may contain attributes and child tags not mentioned here.


The root tag of a page result: The single top-level section of the page.

Attribute Description Present
version The version of this format - currently 1.0. Always
layout The name of the top-level layout to use for this page. If specified in the page template used.

For regular permissible subtags, refer to section.


A layout "box" in a page.

Attribute Description Present
id The id of this section. If specified in the page template used.
layout The name of the top-level layout to use for this page. If specified in the page template used.
region The id of the region in the layout of the parent section where this should be placed. If specified in the page template used.
Subtag Description Present
section A nested section of this page Zero or more.
renderer The name of the rendering to use for this section. Zero or more.
source Used to specify where to fetch the content of this section if it is not sent with this page in a content tag. One or zero.
content Contains some "payload" of this page - a set of hit instances One if this section has inlined content, zero otherwise.


The way this section, or some of its content should be rendered.

Attribute Description Present
forThe name of the content source which should use this rendererIf this is not present, the renderer should be used for the entire section.
Subtag Description Present
parameterA parameter to this rendererZero or more


The source to be used to fetch the content of a section, if it is not sent as inline content.

Attribute Description Present
urlThe url at which the content should be fetched.Always.
Subtag Description Present
parameterA parameter to use when fetching this content.Zero or more


The content to render in a section.

Subtag Description Present
hitA content hit.Zero or more.
groupA group of content hits.Zero or more.


A single result content item.

Attribute Description Present
relevanceThe relevance of this item - usually a normalized number between 0 and 1.Always
sourceThe name of the source producing this hit.Always
typeA space-separated list of type identifiers of this hit.If a type is set in the hit.


Hits have one subtag for every field they contains, where the field name is the name of the tag and the toString of the field content is the content of the tag.


A hit which contains nested hits. Used to organize hits hierarchically. Has the name attributes and subtags as hit, but may also contain nested hit and group tags.


A page which should be rendered with two columns on top.

<page version="1.0">

    <renderer name="two-column"/>

    <section region="left">
        <source url="http://host:port/resource/[news article id]"/>
        <renderer name="articleBodyRenderer">
            <parameter name="color">blue</parameter>

    <section region="right">
        <renderer name="multi-item-column">
            <parameter name="items">3</parameter>
        <section region="1">
            <renderer for="newsImage" name="newsImageRenderer"/>
            <renderer for="news" name="articleRenderer"/>
            <renderer for="image" name="imageRenderer"/>
                <hit relevance="1.0" source="news">
                <hit relevance="0.5" source="news">
        <section region="2">
            <source url="http://host:port/consumption-widget"/>
            <renderer name="identityRenderer"/>
        <section region="3">
            <renderer name="htmlRenderer"/>
                <hit relevance="1.0" source="htmlSource">