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/metrics/v2 API reference

The application metrics API is available on each node at the metrics proxy port, default http://host:19092/metrics/v2/values. A container service on the same node as the metrics proxy might forward /metrics/v2/values on its own port, normally 8080.

/metrics/v2/values is an aggregation of the application instance nodes /metrics/v1/values. Refer to monitoring for an overview of nodes, services and metrics APIs.

HTTP requests

HTTP request metrics/v2 operation Description

Application metrics


See monitoring for examples.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Description
consumer String

Specify response consumer, i.e. set of metrics. See metrics/v1 for details.

HTTP status codes

Non-exhaustive list of status codes:

Code Description
200 OK.

Response format

Responses are in JSON format, with the following fields:

Element Parent Type Description


Array Root element for /metrics/v2/values. Returns an array of node objects with metrics


nodes String Node hostname.


nodes String Node role.


nodes Array Array of service objects, the are services running on the node. The service object is defined in /metrics/v1/values.