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Container Metrics

http.status.1xx Number of responses with a 1xx status response
http.status.2xx Number of responses with a 2xx status response
http.status.3xx Number of responses with a 3xx status response
http.status.4xx Number of responses with a 4xx status response
http.status.5xx Number of responses with a 5xx status response
application_generation The currently live application config generation (aka session id) version
in_service This will have the value 1 if the node is in service, 0 if not. binary
jdisc.gc.count Number of JVM garbage collections done operation
jdisc.gc.ms Time spent in JVM garbage collection millisecond
jdisc.jvm JVM runtime version version
jdisc.memory_mappings JDISC Memory mappings operation
jdisc.open_file_descriptors JDISC Open file descriptors item
jdisc.thread_pool.unhandled_exceptions Number of exceptions thrown by tasks thread
jdisc.thread_pool.work_queue.capacity Capacity of the task queue thread
jdisc.thread_pool.work_queue.size Size of the task queue thread
jdisc.thread_pool.rejected_tasks Number of tasks rejected by the thread pool thread
jdisc.thread_pool.size Size of the thread pool thread
jdisc.thread_pool.max_allowed_size The maximum allowed number of threads in the pool thread
jdisc.thread_pool.active_threads Number of threads that are active thread
jdisc.deactivated_containers.total JDISC Deactivated container instances item
jdisc.deactivated_containers.with_retained_refs.last JDISC Deactivated container nodes with retained refs item
jdisc.application.failed_component_graphs JDISC Application failed component graphs item
jdisc.singleton.is_active JDISC Singleton is active item
jdisc.singleton.activation.count JDISC Singleton activations operation
jdisc.singleton.activation.failure.count JDISC Singleton activation failures operation
jdisc.singleton.activation.millis JDISC Singleton activation time millisecond
jdisc.singleton.deactivation.count JDISC Singleton deactivations operation
jdisc.singleton.deactivation.failure.count JDISC Singleton deactivation failures operation
jdisc.singleton.deactivation.millis JDISC Singleton deactivation time millisecond
jdisc.http.ssl.handshake.failure.missing_client_cert JDISC HTTP SSL Handshake failures due to missing client certificate operation
jdisc.http.ssl.handshake.failure.expired_client_cert JDISC HTTP SSL Handshake failures due to expired client certificate operation
jdisc.http.ssl.handshake.failure.invalid_client_cert JDISC HTTP SSL Handshake failures due to invalid client certificate operation
jdisc.http.ssl.handshake.failure.incompatible_protocols JDISC HTTP SSL Handshake failures due to inincompatible protocols operation
jdisc.http.ssl.handshake.failure.incompatible_chifers JDISC HTTP SSL Handshake failures due to incompatible chifers operation
jdisc.http.ssl.handshake.failure.connection_closed JDISC HTTP SSL Handshake failures due to connection closed operation
jdisc.http.ssl.handshake.failure.unknown JDISC HTTP SSL Handshake failures for unknown reason operation
jdisc.http.request.prematurely_closed HTTP requests prematurely closed request
jdisc.http.request.requests_per_connection HTTP requests per connection request
jdisc.http.request.uri_length HTTP URI length byte
jdisc.http.request.content_size HTTP request content size byte
jdisc.http.requests HTTP requests request
jdisc.http.requests.status Number of requests to the built-in status handler request
jdisc.http.filter.rule.blocked_requests Number of requests blocked by filter request
jdisc.http.filter.rule.allowed_requests Number of requests allowed by filter request
jdisc.http.filtering.request.handled Number of filtering requests handled request
jdisc.http.filtering.request.unhandled Number of filtering requests unhandled request
jdisc.http.filtering.response.handled Number of filtering responses handled request
jdisc.http.filtering.response.unhandled Number of filtering responses unhandled request
jdisc.http.handler.unhandled_exceptions Number of unhandled exceptions in handler request
jdisc.tls.capability_checks.succeeded Number of TLS capability checks succeeded operation
jdisc.tls.capability_checks.failed Number of TLS capability checks failed operation
jdisc.http.jetty.threadpool.thread.max Configured maximum number of threads thread
jdisc.http.jetty.threadpool.thread.min Configured minimum number of threads thread
jdisc.http.jetty.threadpool.thread.reserved Configured number of reserved threads or -1 for heuristic thread
jdisc.http.jetty.threadpool.thread.busy Number of threads executing internal and transient jobs thread
jdisc.http.jetty.threadpool.thread.idle Number of idle threads thread
jdisc.http.jetty.threadpool.thread.total Current number of threads thread
jdisc.http.jetty.threadpool.queue.size Current size of the job queue thread
serverNumOpenConnections The number of currently open connections connection
serverNumConnections The total number of connections opened connection
serverBytesReceived The number of bytes received by the server byte
serverBytesSent The number of bytes sent from the server byte
handled.requests The number of requests handled per metrics snapshot operation
handled.latency The time used for requests during this metrics snapshot millisecond
httpapi_latency Duration for requests to the HTTP document APIs millisecond
httpapi_pending Document operations pending execution operation
httpapi_num_operations Total number of document operations performed operation
httpapi_num_updates Document update operations performed operation
httpapi_num_removes Document remove operations performed operation
httpapi_num_puts Document put operations performed operation
httpapi_succeeded Document operations that succeeded operation
httpapi_failed Document operations that failed operation
httpapi_parse_error Document operations that failed due to document parse errors operation
httpapi_condition_not_met Document operations not applied due to condition not met operation
httpapi_not_found Document operations not applied due to document not found operation
httpapi_failed_unknown Document operations failed by unknown cause operation
httpapi_failed_timeout Document operations failed by timeout operation
httpapi_failed_insufficient_storage Document operations failed by insufficient storage operation
mem.heap.total Total available heap memory byte
mem.heap.free Free heap memory byte
mem.heap.used Currently used heap memory byte
mem.direct.total Total available direct memory byte
mem.direct.free Currently free direct memory byte
mem.direct.used Direct memory currently used byte
mem.direct.count Number of direct memory allocations byte
mem.native.total Total available native memory byte
mem.native.free Currently free native memory byte
mem.native.used Native memory currently used byte
athenz-tenant-cert.expiry.seconds Time remaining until Athenz tenant certificate expires second
container-iam-role.expiry.seconds Time remaining until IAM role expires second
peak_qps The highest number of qps for a second for this metrics shapshot query/second
search_connections Number of search connections connection
feed.operations Number of document feed operations operation
feed.latency Feed latency millisecond
feed.http-requests Feed HTTP requests operation
queries Query volume operation
query_container_latency The query execution time consumed in the container millisecond
query_latency The overall query latency as seen by the container millisecond
query_timeout The amount of time allowed for query execytion, from the client millisecond
failed_queries The number of failed queries operation
degraded_queries The number of degraded queries, e.g. due to some conent nodes not responding in time operation
hits_per_query The number of hits returned hit/query
query_hit_offset The offset for hits returned hit
documents_covered The combined number of documents considered during query evaluation document
documents_total The number of documents to be evaluated if all requests had been fully executed document
documents_target_total The target number of total documents to be evaluated when when all data is in sync document
jdisc.render.latency The time used by the container to render responses nanosecond
query_item_count The number of query items (terms, phrases, etc) item
docproc.proctime Time spent processing document millisecond
docproc.documents Number of processed documents document
totalhits_per_query The total number of documents found to match queries hit/query
empty_results Number of queries matching no documents operation
requestsOverQuota The number of requests rejected due to exceeding quota operation
relevance.at_1 The relevance of hit number 1 score
relevance.at_3 The relevance of hit number 3 score
relevance.at_10 The relevance of hit number 10 score
error.timeout Requests that timed out operation
error.backends_oos Requests that failed due to no available backends nodes operation
error.plugin_failure Requests that failed due to plugin failure operation
error.backend_communication_error Requests that failed due to backend communication error operation
error.empty_document_summaries Requests that failed due to missing document summaries operation
error.illegal_query Requests that failed due to illegal queries operation
error.invalid_query_parameter Requests that failed due to invalid query parameters operation
error.internal_server_error Requests that failed due to internal server error operation
error.misconfigured_server Requests that failed due to misconfigured server operation
error.invalid_query_transformation Requests that failed due to invalid query transformation operation
error.results_with_errors The number of queries with error payload operation
error.unspecified Requests that failed for an unspecified reason operation
error.unhandled_exception Requests that failed due to an unhandled exception operation
serverRejectedRequests Deprecated. Use jdisc.thread_pool.rejected_tasks instead. operation
serverThreadPoolSize Deprecated. Use jdisc.thread_pool.size instead. thread
serverActiveThreads Deprecated. Use jdisc.thread_pool.active_threads instead. thread
jrt.transport.tls-certificate-verification-failures TLS certificate verification failures failure
jrt.transport.peer-authorization-failures TLS peer authorization failures failure
jrt.transport.server.tls-connections-established TLS server connections established connection
jrt.transport.client.tls-connections-established TLS client connections established connection
jrt.transport.server.unencrypted-connections-established Unencrypted server connections established connection
jrt.transport.client.unencrypted-connections-established Unencrypted client connections established connection
max_query_latency Deprecated. Use query_latency.max instead millisecond
mean_query_latency Deprecated. Use the expression (query_latency.sum / query_latency.count) instead millisecond
jdisc.http.filter.athenz.accepted_requests Number of requests accepted by the AthenzAuthorization filter request
jdisc.http.filter.athenz.rejected_requests Number of requests rejected by the AthenzAuthorization filter request
serverConnectionsOpenMax Maximum number of open connections connection
serverConnectionDurationMax Longest duration a connection is kept open millisecond
serverConnectionDurationMean Average duration a connection is kept open millisecond
serverConnectionDurationStdDev Standard deviation of open connection duration millisecond
serverNumRequests Number of requests request
serverNumSuccessfulResponses Number of successful responses request
serverNumFailedResponses Number of failed responses request
serverNumSuccessfulResponseWrites Number of successful response writes request
serverNumFailedResponseWrites Number of failed response writes request
serverTotalSuccessfulResponseLatency Total duration for execution of successful responses millisecond
serverTotalFailedResponseLatency Total duration for execution of failed responses millisecond
serverTimeToFirstByte Time from request has been received by the server until the first byte is returned to the client millisecond
serverStartedMillis Time since the service was started millisecond