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Internal Configuration File Reference

This reference describes the configuration file format used by Vespa internally.

File Format

Configuration files (.cfg) contain lines on the form:

configuration-variable configuration-value

A simple example of a file containing an integer and a string:

myInt 3
myString "Hello"  # Strings must always be enclosed in quotation marks.


Arrays start with a line declaring the number of items in the array. Each following line will contain the array name again, the array offset (0-base) in square brackets and the value at this position. For example, an array called "myArray" with 3 items:

myArray[0] firstvalue
myArray[1] secondvalue
myArray[2] thirdvalue

When an array value contains a child array, dots act as a separator between the parent value and the child array. For example, to set a table with two rows, the first with two columns and the second having one column (provided the table structure is defined in the accompanying .def file):

row[0].column[0] value0_0
row[0].column[1] value0_1
row[1].column[0] value1_0